Who We Are

The Creative Images Experience

Creative Images is a dynamic photography company serving preschools, child cares and private schools with a commitment to capturing priceless expressions of each child. We believe in offering as much choice as possible and serving our customers with care and attention.

We serve children first

Childhood is amazing. Children’s pictures should be amazing too. So our program is catered toward creating a fun atmosphere where kids can be kids and feel entertained while we happen to capture a few priceless expressions along the way! When Creative Images is the choice giggles and grins are the result and tears just melt away!

We serve parents

As parents ourselves we thought about what picture day should and what it shouldn’t be. So you don’t have to stick money in an envelope before seeing if you want to. You receive order forms that show you the pictures that are available for purchase and all the ways you can order them. You can decide what you want, how much of it you want and balance that with what you want to pay. We do photo shoots of each child with various posing, some with props, some without. We take an average of four poses of every child and sibling set at the school. We capture so many adorable expressions that parents have trouble picking! We think parents know their children best and should be the ones to choose the pose, backgrounds and products they want! We only print what parents tell us to!

We serve schools

Creative Images appreciates the trust our schools place in us as their vendor partner each Picture Day. We understand that we are working with your clients, which means your livelihood and we want to represent you well with our service. We are awesome at reading what you need, taking our cues from you and managing the Picture Day process with YOUR style as OUR guide. Are your key words structure and order? If so, we focus on keeping the schedule flowing, the smiles glowing and then transition the kiddos back to their classroom. Is your school an energetic environment that focuses on enthusistically learning through play? We are ready to bring the energy, create the magic and capture the glee along the way! We team up with your staff and work in tandem with them to ensure a smooth schedule, great pictures parents will be pleased with and a day where you will remember us every next time! We are here to make this service as easy as possible every Picture Day!

Creative Images’ Multi-Choice Proof Program

Creative Images’ clients order from sample images with all of the packages, product options and prices at their fingertips. Every child has several poses to choose from. Being able to view these samples, select the expressions that tug at the heartstrings and put them on a favorite background gives parents complete control over what they are paying for! Then all that is left is picking out the packages and products that fit within each family’s budget. We make it nice and easy to get it YOUR WAY!

What about our Exclusive Designer Backgrounds!

We look at these options as the cherry on top! We take full advantage of photographing on green screen and bring some magic into the equation. Using some of the poses taken we create templates that alter the images slightly and create adorable options that parents are sure to love. Nothing like transporting your child’s image from their school to end up sitting in a red wagon in the middle of an apple orchard or even peaking around a tree holding a snowball just ready for a snowball fight! The pictures turn out amazing! Each order form shows you exactly what options are available. You’ve gotta admit, pretty cool, right?!

The Creative Images Team

Our Photography Team

We are frisbee golfers, runners, dancing fools and lovers of life. We live out loud and bring that energy into your school through enthusiastically interacting with your kiddos. We capture the twinkle in their eyes by PUTTING IT THERE! We just really do love children and the whole experience of childhood. The BEST part of our job is capturing the unique expressions that light up a child’s eyes and tug at each parent’s heartstrings. We will do almost anything to make a child laugh…and it shows! Pictures that leap off the page and bring each personality to life are hard for parents to resist and make schools happy they picked us for Picture Day! You can rest assured that each one has had a criminal background screening and is A-OK to work with young children too!

Our Signature Service Staff

We are mamas, papas and aunties that love kids and want to help our customers get the best pictures of their kiddos possible through stellar service. Whether ordering from us for the first time or the fiftieth, our service staff is here for you…to answer questions, to help with ordering, to help with supplies…you name it. The only thing we can’t do is tell you which pose is our favorite. We love them all too!

Thank you for considering us. We hope to serve you and your families soon!